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  • In this chart, the scale is 1000 pixels=69 inches.
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  • : Amy and Samey: 5’7¾” Beardo: 7’3⅝”, 7'5⅜” Dave: 6’1⅝”, 5'11⅜” Ella: 6’4¾”, 6'1⅜” (assuming that she’s still as tall as Sugar, as seen in the storyboard) Jasmine.
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    Total Drama Island; Total Drama Action; Total Drama World Tour; Total Drama: Revenge of the Island; Total Drama: All-Stars;.

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    How Tall Is The Total Drama Cast? Cameron: 4'9⅞" (188/224 Chris) Max: 4'10½" (157/185 Chris) Dwayne Jr: 4′11⅝” (218/274 Owen) Dawn: 4'11¾" (194/224 Chris) Sky: 5’1⅛”.